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Melanoma Sunscreen Effective Deterrent

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When the sun or out of the house we can use sunscreen every day of her area of the head, neck, arms and hands so as to reduce the chances of developing melanoma by 50%. In a study in Australia, researchers share more than 1,600 white adults aged 25-75 years into 2 groups. 1 group was asked to wear sunscreen every day in the area of the head, neck, hands and arms during the 5 years between 2002 to 2006. While other

What is the baseline characteristics of skin cancer? Does this include malignant disease? How do I prevent it? If you have been hit, how to cure?

Originally published in Skin Cancer Pictures

Bumps that occur on the skin there are 3 types, namely benign tumors, pre-cancerous tumors, and malignant tumors. Skin cancer is a malignant skin tumor, of course including malignant diseases that damage the organs of the body to cause death. The cause of skin cancer, most importantly, ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UV rays that made it into the skin dermis of skin cell DNA damage. In normal circumstances, the damaged cells

People Who Can Also Potentially Black Skin Cancer Infected

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If you have been thinking that the person who contracted skin cancer are people who have white skin. Apparently completely untrue !!!!! It turns out the dangerous skin cancer is also often attacked dark-skinned people. Although it rarely happens, but all people should be careful. This is based on the research of Dr.

Herbal Medicine Skin Cancer

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That is a natural medicine derived from fruits, plants, animals, spices, beverages, vegetables, etc.. That the extracts into the food, beverage, or a topical powder. This material is easily available and if we can own at home and most importantly cheap.

Australia Has Skin Cancer Cases in the World's Largest

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Australian nation has been famous as a nation whose inhabitants like to bask in the sun, perhaps because their area is surrounded by a sea so that trigger them to sunbathe on the beach. Because of their habits that eventually will be able to adversely affect their health.

Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer

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The skin is the most important asset in our body. Because as the protector of the most important organ of the body, the skin also gives a person the most important image. Well, some of us sometimes negligent in applying or treating the skin. Because too carried away with the lure of advertising per se, because sometimes the

Types And Classification Of Skin Cancer

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In general, skin cancer is divided into 2 groups: Non - melanotik and melanotik (melanoma). Non - melanotik divided into basalioma (basal cell carcinoma) and squamous cell carcinoma.

1. Non - Melanotik

a. Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) / Basalioma

The Characteristics of Skin Cancer:

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 The disorder of the skin like a scar, black spot and a small lump which is accompanied by injury or bleeding

 The disorder has changed shape, size and color of the skin

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Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer is a disease characterized by the growth of skin cells that are not controlled, which can be caused among others because of the large oxidant substances in the body, exposed to radioactive rays, and exposed to ultraviolet light directly without the protector. This disease can damage surrounding tissue and can spread to