Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer

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The skin is the most important asset in our body. Because as the protector of the most important organ of the body, the skin also gives a person the most important image. Well, some of us sometimes negligent in applying or treating the skin. Because too carried away with the lure of advertising per se, because sometimes the
products are not all true ad. In fact, in a simple way, your skin can be healthy, clean, fresh and beautiful. Here
are some tips you can do at home.

• Always clean your skin with the routine, starting from the clean with moisturizers and facial cleansers at a time when morning and evening. Then proceed with a special soap to clean the face with a pH adjusted to your face.

• Bathe the routine because it is the most important factor in maintaining healthy skin. However, it's good if they do not get used to bathing with hot water. Get used to bath with room temperature or lukewarm temperature. Add especially for bath salts or bath oil for the skin more smooth, supple and relaxed.

• Wash hands; first before doing any activity that can make your direct contact with your body, get used to keeping clean hands especially before you touch your face. Thus, you will face away from the contaminated bacteria or dirt that can trigger skin diseases.

• Drink water White. Although've heard this a million times, but nevertheless a most important ingredient of all beauty treatments and body health. Need I point out here that can drink mineral water is mineral water that we used to have at home so do not outsmart the water contains ions such as products that most of the market. Because do not be fooled guys! Your body still needs to mineral water intake of at least 2 liters a day.

• Wear sun block / UV protection. UV light was very dangerous and is categorized as a trigger skin cancer due to exposure to direct sunlight without protection constantly. Some celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Vanessa Hudgens trying to avoid the sun at 11 until 2 pm because the sun was very bad and can damage the skin.

• Perform a massage or a light massage to stimulate blood circulation use and regeneration of new skin. No need to be expensive to come to the spa or salon, just massage it lightly with olive oil. The best time to do this is at night because it will be faster exchange menstimulasii circulation cells in the skin, which is useful to eliminate fatigue, relaxation face and brighten the skin. In addition to apply a serum vitamin afterward for maximum results.

• Happy. Do not leave you filled with many thoughts that create stress. The more you stress with a variety of pressure, your hormones will work super active and trigger skin problems. Such as eczema, acne and other.

• Use products according to season, climate and your lifestyle. If you are regular in AC neighborhood did not wear moisturizer for dry skin. When outdoors, wear sunblock and multiply the products contain vitamins and minerals to maintain freshness.

• Do not consume foods and drinks that contain chemicals.

• Try to avoid Handbody powder and lotions made from chemicals.

• Take supplements that can clean the dirt in the intestinal wall. In this case the best, and cheapest is delicious pumpkin juice. Keep in mind in taking it should be added lime juice. drinking 2 cups a day.

• Make a lot of supplements that contain antioxidant substances, such as Juss of tomatoes, grapes, carrots, green beans and sprouts. Drink 2 cups a day.

• Make a decoction of herbs that contain lots of anti-oxidant substances. Herbs include parasite mango leaves, leaf tea parasite, breadfruit leaves, vinca leaves, leaf crown god, Intersection white, pace, black cumin, etc.. If you feel bothered to make this herbal medicine, can use herbal products or alternative medicine clinic.

• Make a powder of rat taro, cassava is poisonous annual. Powder and apply this to his cancer, 4-5 times daily.

• Be diligent exercise or do calisthenics every day swing arms.

• Pray, ask for forgiveness to God because everything comes from God.

Good luck ................ 

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