Friday, February 25, 2011

Australia Has Skin Cancer Cases in the World's Largest

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Australian nation has been famous as a nation whose inhabitants like to bask in the sun, perhaps because their area is surrounded by a sea so that trigger them to sunbathe on the beach. Because of their habits that eventually will be able to adversely affect their health.
It was monitored in a survey by stating that the State which has a population of 22 million people has 13 times
more likely to develop skin cancer than the average population of the world.

An Australian government agency provides a report entitled "Cancer in Australia 2010" stated in its report that the nation whose population is very fond of sunbathing and beach lover this is the highest in the world rankings for the cases of melanoma and listed as one of the countries with the highest level for the entire species cancer. It was so amazing is not it??

Especially cancer melanoma, which is the most deadly cancer of skin cancer. Types of skin cancer caused by exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Plus that Australia is close to Antarctica, where there was a hole in the ozone layer which filters out UV rays, so it can add to the list of causes of increased risk of cancer itself.
Level detection and tracking higher also explain the number of cancer cases are diagnosed each year, according to lead researcher Christine Sturrock of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

"The fact that Australia is very good in terms of tracking cancer, it is because most other countries is not very good at detecting and tracking of cancer cases in their country. But we have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world," said Sturrock told AFP.

From 1982 to 2007 said that all Australians are diagnosed with cancer increased by 27 percent, even after taking into account population growth, partly because of population aging in the kangaroo country.

However, in the same period, mortality from this disease has dropped 16 percent. Views and this picture Sturrock described as one of the most exciting findings of the report, because Sturrock has done an analysis of cancer data from around the country.
"One of them is the most positive findings that emerged was the dramatic decline in death rates from cancer," he said.

This report also identifies the increased incidence of lymphoid cancers, prostate cancer and breast cancer among those living in socio-economic areas is higher. However, Sturrock said the reason for this is unclear.

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